Psychobily Staff App (UK)

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Feb 27, 2018
» Username: Psychobily

» Age: 14

» What is your timezone?: GMT

» Are you able to record in 30fps or above?: Yes i can record more than 60+-

» Are you currently staff on any other server?: No i am not.

» List your past experiences as a staff member:
DeluxeMc : Best server in my opinion , was dev for a while then it closed down was good friends with mat og he actually got me into being a staff member i dont know where i would be without him! This server was a factions server regular factions no hcf

Solitudepvp : This was also a faction server that closed down i was also dev here and one of the admins i knew the owner very well it was a good server overall!

Deluxemc v2 : The reboot of deluxemc Dev / headadmin this was also one of the greatest servers in the history of mc in my opinion anyways . i loved this server wish it would come back!

Wenja : Head admin on the new wenja it was one of the best servers ever i was doing my job perfectly until an argument flung and i just got imature sorry for that mat!

I haven't played mc in a while there is more but i dont remember.
» Are you experienced in screen-sharing?:
Yes i used to be very experienced in screen sharing i could spot a hacker from a mile away and when i ss'ed them i most of the time found the hacks i may be a little rust right now but i will work on it until im back to the position i was before! In my opinion screen sharing is the one skill you essentially need to be a staff member

» How much time weekly can you dedicate to the server? (make a schedule):
Monday : 3 -9
Tuesday : 3 - 9
Wednesday : 3 -5
Thursday : 3 -- 6
Friday : 3- 12
Sat and sun : All day

» Why should we choose you over other applicants?:

You should choose me because i am very hard working and love the wenja community i always used to be involved in everything that would happen and always did my best to fix things help people and do jobs for people. i am also very friendly with the current staff and almost know everyone including Mat , Cenrex , Majoris , i believe i remember Monercortis , Levensles , Exotic gizmo and whosbae. Another reason to pick me is that i am very hard working and always on the job i will make sure the server is hacker free and if the staff need me ill always come on even if im not online. The people that know me know how i am as staff. Hope you guys pick me!

Maturity : I believe i am mature and can stay mature even in the most unatural situations

Responsibility : i always come through if a task is put on my hands

Leadership : i am a good leader and always will be i can lead the staff team to do many things such as learn ssing i can teach ssing and etc

Loyalty : i will always be loyal to wenja even if one of my friends is not.

You should also pick me because i am very helpful to the players on the server and can help them with most problems unless it requires higher staff. i will always be on and never leave a problem unfinished i take pride in catching a hacker as it makes me feel as i fixed a problem with the server.

» What skills do you have that you can use to help the server?:
I feel like i can get back to my normal ss'ing skill pretty easily and may even be able to teach it to some of the other staff members

I am friendly and non toxic i believe and will never say harmful stuff to anybody

I have synergy with many of the staff members and can work with them very efficiently

I am hard working and will be on most of the time.

I can spot hackers easily so i will be able to keep the server hacker free.

I have a little experience in coding not that much but i might help a bit with problems

I can find people who are hacking as i have had alot of experience with hacked clients and used to try and find fixes for my other servers which i did find some these were very significant eg , Crash exploit.

Overall i believe i could be a great addition to the staff team as i am hard working and very respectful i will never disrespect anyone that i dont know properly and will not know if they will react badly
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Staff member
Feb 18, 2018
After reading your application I decided to give it a -1.
Why, because there is a lack of detail, if you want to improve your application please add some more detail in the following parts:

» Why should we choose you over other applicants?:
» What skills do you have that you can use to help the server?:

Good luck!
Feb 18, 2018
Hey, after Reading your application I decided to give you a -1.

Things to change:
- try to ADD more details at the Parts screenshare skills and Why should we choose you over other Staff.
- alot of grammer mistakes


Staff member
Feb 9, 2018
Hello, @Psychobily.

We have reviewed your application and unfortunately, we have decided to decline your application, this is due to lack of detail. Please wait 2 weeks before applying again.

- Thank you for applying.
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